Hello, I’m Karina and welcome to my blog Hearing Differently! I’m 25, a writer, and graduate with a BA in Professional Writing and Communications. I currently work as a communications coordinator while doing some creative writing on the side.


If you read my blog, you’re going to learn a lot about a side of me I don’t typically share – my hearing impairment. I was born with hearing loss so severe that it led me to be implanted with the Cochlear Implant when I was seven. I like to blog about this part of my life in hopes of helping others learn more about the personal side of hearing impairments, and have a platform that others with hearing impairments can relate to.

In June 2017, I published a book through my Professional Writing program titled Hearing Differently: Growing Up With a Cochlear Implant. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences I went through. It taught me a lot about myself, and made me realize that I want to use this blog and book to become a voice in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Why Blog?

From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. But sometimes, there is that one thing that makes you feel out of place at times. For me, that was my hearing impairment.

Growing up, I wished I had a book to read about other young kids with hearing impairments so that it felt like I wasn’t going through it alone and that there was something that out there that I can relate to. I took it upon myself to publish that book and create this blog where others like myself (as well as parents, professionals, teachers etc.) can go, read and comment on the experiences, opinions and thoughts that I will share.

I love writing. So I thought, what better way to hone my skills than with a creative outlet where I could hopefully help others and teach that, sometimes, it can be pretty great to mute sounds every once in a while.

Enjoy reading!